Hello, Cougars

Welcome to your new campus newspaper.

For too long now we’ve suffered under the poor writing that drips down daily from N221. Our hearts, burdened with love for our University, are weekly rent by our “official” campus newspaper as, year after year and editor after editor, it continues to spill out acrid sludge, dissolving all hopes we might have for its reformation.

No more.

The Cougar Paw is a Tier 1 Newspaper for our Tier 1 University. We are setting a new standard for what a campus paper should be at the University of Houston.

Besides our University, we have but three loves: good thinking, good writing, and the city of Houston. We believe a well-informed student body, grounded in its city, is a requisite for engaging with and improving our university. We will support this goal through timely reporting on developing stories and through clear and insightful editorials on the broader issues affecting the students, campus, and city.

Our intelligent, informed, and passionate staff are some of our University’s finest students and are excited for this opportunity to serve the students and University we love.

– The Cougar Paw

P.S. If you love the University of Houston too and want to get involved, please Join Us.